Setting up your account

I booked a work ride. Where is my driver?

You can use our app to track your driver from your usual corporate car service provider. You can also book future rides at a tap of your smartphone instead of having to call your service provider. The Whisk app is here.

If you have not yet signed up, please call your car service provider to update your contact information with your latest mobile number. Then get the app and sign in with just your mobile number (no password required).

Can I use your app for personal rides?

Yes. Get the app and tap Join Now. Add your personal credit card, and you’re good to go.

The following questions and answers apply mainly to personal (credit card) use of the Whisk smartphone app.

Why do you need my credit card?

For personal rides, for your convenience, Whisk keeps a card on file to automatically charge you upon completion of a ride.

Credit cards also increase security (drivers are less likely to be victims of crimes when carrying less cash) and create an audit trail to assist customers in case of a billing dispute.

Is my credit card information safe?


Whisk uses only fully PCI compliant providers that process millions of transactions daily. Our team has set the standard in Internet security — even being solicited to build technology for a major US intelligence agency. Finally, our business is a fully auditable Delaware corporation, registered with DUNS, and has undergone the full gamut of verifications by merchant bank providers such as Chase and Citibank.

Why can’t I log into the account I just created?

There are two typical reasons why people can’t login.

  1. Unverified account. When your account is created, you should receive a verification text message with a secure link to verify your account. Please tap this link.

    If you have not received this link, try again by tapping “Sign in with mobile #” in the app.

  2. Mistyped or forgotten email address or password. You can securely log in with just your mobile # by tapping “Sign in with mobile #” in the app.

    You can also click here to recover your account.

    You can also create a new account by tapping Join Now in the app.

If you need additional help, please contact customer care.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here.

How do I enter a new credit card?

You can add a new credit card when you are logged into the Whisk app. First press the profile button in the upper left hand corner (the silhouette of a head and shoulders), then the Add button to create a new profile. Fill in the information requested including your new, updated credit card.

Using the app

What kind of cars do you use?

We only use vehicles licensed by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission. This guarantees that your drivers are properly licensed and that they operate safe, inspected, and legal vehicles.

The actual makes and models of our vehicles vary. Many are black Lincoln Town Cars, though we also use cars ranging from Toyota Camrys to Mercedes Benz. The app provides a description and photo of the vehicle so they are easy to find.

We do not use yellow-taxis in NYC since it is ineffective to try to pre-book them by smartphone.

Can I cancel my ride?

You may cancel the ride at any point until your driver arrives. However, please do so sparingly. Whisk contacts drivers instantly after you touch Ride Now — making those drivers unavailable to serve other riders. To compensate drivers for their time, and as a courtesy to other riders, there is a cancellation charge three minutes after a driver is confirmed to you.

When do I tell the app where to pick me up?

Usually never.

We use your phone’s GPS and other features to determine your current location. After you hit Ride Now, glance at the pickup location that was determined. As long as it is approximately correct there is no need to do anything.

If you feel that the pickup is off by more than half a block or if you plan to move in the next few minutes, touch Change Pickup to make the adjustment. The driver already en-route will be notified of any changes.

Why does the app sometimes make me select a pickup point?

Our app uses GPS and wi-fi to automatically detect your approximate pickup point when starting to dispatch a car. In certain conditions GPS/wi-fi cannot always accurately detect where you are. At those times the app makes sure to have you verify your location.

When do I tell the app my destination?

Usually never.

We use your ride history to try to predict your destination. But it is only used for the purposes of optimizing our service. If the predicted destination is inaccurate, you can correct it by using the Change Destination screen. However, as long as your destination is within New York City limits you can simply tell the driver your destination when you get into the car.

Why does the app say it sometimes cannot find a driver even when it appears cars are available?

The Whisk system requires drivers to verify that they can get to you swiftly. So, for example, a driver may appear available but because of traffic be unable to travel in your direction in a timely manner.

What do I do if something goes wrong with my ride?

If there is ever a problem with a ride-in-progress you should always use our issue report feature. Access this feature by pressing the alert button (circle around an exclamation point) in the lower right hand corner of the ride-in-progress screen.

When you report an issue, we suspend the transaction until our investigative team can identify what went wrong. We will contact you shortly about the resolution of any issues.


I didn’t take a ride but I see a credit card charge. Why?

Whisk only charges for services that we deliver.

We need to follow standard industry security practices to protect our affiliate drivers and ensure that they get paid. Once you get in the vehicle you can direct the driver to go virtually anywhere at any cost. As a security measure your bank or credit card provider puts a temporary authorization charge on your card in the form of a $1-$30. It can appear anytime after you press Ride Now. This depends on your bank or credit card provider. You should see an immediate release after this charge; it is meant to ensure you have a valid credit card.

You should never see this as a charge on your statement. Depending on the bank you may see this as a temporary charge online as your bank processes the authorization.

Are you expensive?

We have tried hard to make sure that our rates are taxi-comparable. This means for a standard ride we are almost always within 10-15% of the fare of a taxi. For shorter rides it is sometimes more. For longer rides less.

Please see here for our complete rates.

What is Priority Peak?

Frequent Whisk users get Priority Peak status.

When demand outstrips ride supply — rides are first given to members with Priority Peak status. Priority Peak members are also guaranteed our standard taxi-comparable rates at all times.

Do I need any special phone settings?

Whisk uses GPS and other features to automatically detect your approximate pickup point when dispatching a car. So please ensure GPS and all other location services are on in your smartphone’s settings.

Is this allowed?


Whisk has worked harder than any other company to ensure that we offer innovative services to New Yorkers while upholding the letter and spirit of the New York public safety regulations. We actively engage the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and other relevant regulatory bodies. These agencies have stated explicitly that our services are legal and allowed.