Next Generation Dispatching

Ridgeback by Whisk is the only system designed from scratch to solve the modern challenges your company faces.

Big or small, complex or high volume, or all of the above. We are so confident you will be better off with RIDGEBACK that we offer a free 30 day trial.

Delight Customers.

Book a ride in less than 10 seconds. Service rides you normally couldn't. Hand off reservations from operators to web to apps and back.

Turn Drivers On.

Patent-pending algorithm that rewards loyal drivers. Wake up alarms. Cross streets. Maps and directions. All the features to make the life of your drivers easier.

Save Money.

Lower your overhead through automation. Auto-complete, PBX and airline integration. Self-serve infrastructure. Never pay for servers again.

Be Modern.

Ridgeback is your only alternative to benefit from SaaS. The only software that is Google Smart. And the only infrastructure that is Mobile First.

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We treat all personal information you provide as confidential.